(13th Feb 2007) Dr. Lynn Silver joins MerLion Pharmaceuticals' Scientific Advisory Board.

MerLion Pharmaceuticals (MerLion), the private drug discovery and development company headquartered in Singapore, announce that Dr. Lynn Silver has joined the company’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).

Dr. Silver has extensive academic and industry experience in the anti-infective area and joins the SAB alongside Dr. David Knowles in advising the company on its internal anti-bacterial and anti-fungal research activities. Dr Silver was also previously an advisor to Athelas SA, an award winning Swiss biotechnology company which was acquired by MerLion in 2006 and which was the first to demonstrate in vivo proof of concept for a new approach to combating bacterial virulence.

Dr Tony Buss, CEO of MerLion, in announcing the appointment, said “MerLion’s Scientific Advisory Board meets regularly with our research team in Singapore and plays a vital role in defining our discovery activities. Lynn Silver’s expertise is a welcome addition to this strong and respected Board.”

Dr Harald Labischinski, MerLion’s CSO, added “Gaining access to Lynn’s outstanding antibiotic R&D expertise is very good for the company. Her addition to our Scientific Advisory Board’s existing antibacterial expertise comes at a time when MerLion is undertaking innovative approaches to the discovery of novel anti-infective candidates, and will be extremely helpful in paving the way for our development compounds.”

About MerLion Pharmaceuticals Pte Ltd
MerLion Pharmaceuticals is a privately held international drug discovery and development company headquartered in Singapore. MerLion's activities are focused on the clinical development of its portfolio of novel antibiotics and the discovery of new drug candidates from the world’s most diverse natural products sample collection.

The company also undertakes R&D activities alongside an outstanding portfolio of strategic partnerships containing many of the world's largest pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

MerLion has two novel drug candidates approaching clinical development and a balanced preclinical portfolio derived from its unique patent position in the area of bacterial virulence, its innovative screening approaches and access to the proprietary discovery technologies of its partners.

The company’s current collaboration partners include Abbott Laboratories, Arpida SA, Astellas Pharma Inc., Boehringer Ingelheim, Cancer Research Technologies Ltd., Dow AgroSciences, Merck Banyu, Merck & Co, Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases, Sankyo Co Ltd. and Schering-Plough Research Institute.


About Dr Lynn Silver
Lynn Silver earned a BA from Brandeis University and a PhD from Tufts University Department of Molecular Biology and Microbiology. After postdoctoral work on bacterial DNA replication at the Université de Genève, and on DNA replication biochemistry of bacteriophage T4 at NIH, she joined Merck Research Laboratories (Rahway, NJ) in 1982, where she worked for 21 years, as a group leader and Senior Investigator. Her research at Merck included antibacterial discovery efforts in both natural products and chemical collections, support of chemical synthetic projects on improved antibacterials, and pre-clinical evaluation of antibacterial drug candidates. She was a member of several project teams coordinating the advancement of drugs through the regulatory process, as well as the Merck antibiotic licensing review committee.

Since 2004, she has been an independent consultant in the area of antibacterial discovery, working with biotechnology companies in the US and Europe, applying her experience in pharmaceutical and academic research to the problems and projects of antibacterial discovery. Lynn is a member of the Faculty of 1000 (Pharmacology and Drug Discovery), the editorial board of Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (1997-2008), Scientific Advisory Boards of several biotechnology companies, has chaired and given invited talks at numerous meetings in the field and, throughout her career, has authored many significant research papers and reviews in the fields of bacterial genetics, physiology, biochemistry, and the discovery and analysis of antibacterial agents.